Nicholas is an approachable, knowledgeable and down to earth Forex mentor. From his unselfishness coaching, I learnt how to plan a trade, when to execute a trade and where to set profit target and stop-loss.

“Nicholas is a very patient and sincere mentor. He answers every students’ questions and ensures the students understand before moving on. I am recommending this course to my friends who wish to understand and trade Forex.”

Hi Nicholas,
“Thank you for conducting the Forex course at such an affordable price. I have attended several previews and even paid a thousands of dollars to attend some courses. However the quality of what was taught from those courses taught pale in comparison to yours. I am more confident trading Forex now, and I know capturing pips is now no longer a matter of luck. Once again, thank you.”
Dear Nicholas,
I came to attend the seminar with no knowledge in Forex. After the classes, now I have gained the confidence to study the trend, analyse and trade with confidence.


I had attended the free seminar last night & I really find it worthwhile to spend my 3hrs there. Nicholas Tan is really sincere to share his knowledge/tips on Forex trading even though it’s a free seminar & also, he’d answered all the questions from the audiences patiently. Mostly importantly, he didn’t talk craps & boasted about himself unlike the previous seminar I attended with Statistical Traders something – the so-called seminar conducted by chief trader, Ryan. It was totally a waste of time! & he was just “promoting” himself & nothing much on sharing tips ie. telling people how good he is (7yrs to become millionaire), showing off his trade records & keeps asking IDIOT questions eg..”who wants to make money… $100 a day & so on”… That day, we went home still feeling full of doubts about Forex trading & truly disappointed !. BUT Nicholas is different..he didn’t waste our time & started the seminar very promptly – not “selling” himself & himself only. Even if he was interrupted in between the talk, he still patiently address those questions. Thumbs up!
Methods taught were easy and simple, yet effective. The Live Trading makes the students confident in the strategies taught
Nicholas explains the complexities of Forex trading in a simple easy to understand way. It’s really enlightening!
Very good seminar, doesn’t make ridiculous promises and ‘perfect’ strategy. Realistic management of expectations and points out opportunities while showing real risk involved.
Hi Nicholas,
I just wanna say a very ‘BIG’ thank you to you.

Honestly, what you had offered is more than the value of the course itself (but please do not raise the course fee). Your teaching, in my opinion, is simple & straight to the point, kind of way in trading the FX market. Most importantly, you let me have a better understanding of the ‘nature’ of price movement where most of the local FX schools do not even touch on. Those simple basic principles your taught have broken down walls of my wrong understanding and belief.

Kind of sad that the course has ended. But I certainly do look forward to all the future gatherings and ’live’ trading sessions.

The only regret I had is not signing up your course earlier. Would have save me from much endless struggles.

Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

God bless.

I would highly recommend Nicholas’ course to anyone who is keen to learn about Forex trading. Nicholas teaches effective and yet simple to apply strategies, from which I am happy to have benefited. A most sincere and knowledgeable trainer and person.
Although I have traded Forex for about 5 years, this is the first time I have come across a trainer who has instilled confidence in me that success is possible. I am happy with what I have learnt today.
Hi Nicholas,
I attended your free 3 hours free seminar workshop last Friday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you taught that night, it was GREAT!
I am actually very interested in your above course but to be frank I am not familiar with charting (as I am still new in Forex). I would like your opinion whether I can still attend the above course and whether it will benefit me. If you think it is o.k., please advise me how to register for the above course.

Thank you.

I think the course strikes a good balance between the concepts presented to the students as well as providing good opportunities for students to do more proactive learning through the online learning/trading which gives us the chance to discover the areas where we are not sure and need to brush up.