Profit From the US Stock Market

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19 Mar 2015

7pm – 9pm


CMC Singapore

50 Raffles Place #14-06Singapore Land TowerS048623



US Market Outlook and Strategy

  • Post 2008 to present day situation
  • 2015 direction for the US stock market
  • 2015 opportunities for the US stock market
  • High volalitity leading to opportunities for US stock indices
  • Strategy for US stock market 2015- Oil Theme- Market neutral pair trading strategy

Short-term Trading Technique for the US Stock Market

  • Using Fibonacci to profit from the US stock market
  • Fibonacci knowledge base
  • Using Fibonacci Retracement
  • Using Fibonacci Extension
  • Numerous trading examples – intra day and inter day swing


The US stock market has been on a strong uptrend for the past few years. Is it too high to enter into the market now? Are there opportunities still available? In the first part of this free talk, you will get an assessment of the US stock market as well as explore trading strategies for the US market. In the second part of the talk, learn how Fibonacci can track the US index and stocks nicely and learn how you can use Fibonacci to profit from the US stock market.

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