Forex Foundation
Learn the characteristics of the 4 major currency pairs
Timing to trade for each major pairs
Time frame and your trading
Charting Knowledge
Trade and Money Management
Trend identification (uptrend, downtrend) and confirmation using reliable technical indicators
Use of selected trend following indicators and oscillators
Support and resistance identification

Powerful Strategies
No. 1 – Modified Duck Trading System
No. 2 – PMA Trading System
No. 3 – Modified Duck Reversal
No. 4 – Fibonacci Trading System

Best time to trade with these strategies
Indicators, templates will be provided for every students.

Course Duration and Support
3 nights of Classroom Lessons ( 7pm to 10pm)
3 nights of practical online tutorial training (7.00 pm to 10.00 pm) where students get to see and apply trading system taught in real time market condition.

Email support: send your questions direct to the trainer and get them answered
Post your questions and share trading tips in our forex forum
Receive useful information via email

Classroom Lessons 10th, 11th and 18th July 2012
Time7pm to 10pm
Venue: SMU (Singapore Management University) (Please bring your laptop on the day of the course)

Online Trading Tutorial Lesson
Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm
Dates:19th, 24th and 26th July

Your Investment:$1000 (before 7th July, early registration discount)
$1300(Fm 7th July 2012 onward)