Forex Trading Course

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  • 1 full day of classroom lessons (10am to 6pm)
  • 2 sessions of practical tutorial training (7pm to 10pm) where students get to see and apply trading system taught in real-time market conditions.
  • E-mail support: send your questions direct to the trainer and get them answered
  • Post your questions and share trading tips on Facebook
  • Receive useful information via e-mail

More Information

Classroom Lessons

Dates: 24th Jan 2015

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Venue: Realty Centre, 15 Enggor Street

(Please bring your laptop on the day of the course)

Practical Tutorial Lessons

Dates : 26th and 28th Jan 2015

Time: 7pm to 10pm

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What You Will Learn

  • Forex foundation

  • Powerful strategies

  • Trend identification

  • Trade and Money Management

What You Will Get

  • 1 Classroom session

  • 2 Practical hands-on sessions

  • E-mail support

  • Indicators and templates for every student

  • Trading tips and questions answered on Facebook

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wishes to learn more about trading Forex

  • Anyone who is interested to make a profit with Forex

  • Existing Forex traders who wish to further improve their profits from Forex

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Course Components



Forex Foundation

  • Learn the characteristics of the 4 major currency pairs
  • Timing to trade for each major pair
  • Time frame and your trading
  • Charting knowledge
  • Trade and Money Management
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Technical Analysis

  • Trend identification (uptrend, downtrend) and confirmation using reliable technical indicators
  • Use selected trends following indicators and oscillators
  • Support and resistance identification

Course Updates

Registration for this Forex course is now closed. Details for future courses will be disclosed at a later date.It is a full day course starting at 10am and ending at 6pm, in a classroom environment.Tutorial lessons will be on 26th and 28th Jan 2015.Time: 7pm to 10pm.Venue: Realty Center @ 15 Enggor StreetMore Details

Powerful Strategies

  • Modified Duck Trading System
  • PMA Trading System
  • Modified Duck Reversal
  • Fibonacci Trading System
  • Best time to trade with these strategies
  • Indicators, templates will be provided for every students.

Here’s what some students have to say

Dear Nicholas,I came to attend the seminar with no knowledge in Forex, after the classes, now I have gained the confidence to study the trend, analyse and trade with confidence.Thanks
Very good seminar, doesn’t make ridiculous promises and ‘perfect’ strategy. Realistic management of expectations and points out opportunities while showing the real risk involved.
Jose Carlos Ramiree
Although I have traded Forex for about 5 years, this is the first time I have come across a trainer who has instilled confidence in me that success is possible. I am happy with what I have learnt today.
Rajoo Supramaniam
I would highly recommend Nicholas’ course to anyone who is keen to learn about Forex trading. Nicholas teaches effective and yet simple to apply strategies, from which I am happy to have benefited. A most sincere and knowledgeable trainer and person.
I think the course strikes a good balance between the concepts presented to the students as well as providing good opportunities for students to do more proactive learning through the online learning/trading which gives us the chance to discover the areas where we are not sure and need to brush up.
Daniel Tien
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